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 Rutare Painting 

Funds Raised:
Heading 6
IMG_8999 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
These three classroom buildings at Rutare Primary School have been plastered. This project will fund painting these classrooms inside and out!

We all know the difference that finishing touches can make. The kids have seen the walls of class buildings go up and have seen those rough brick walls smooth out when they were plastered. Imagine the pride they feel when their classroom walls are painted inside and out! This project funds the painting of three classroom buildings inside and out at Rutare Primary School. The painting on the outside will include many intricate educational drawings which are now required by the Ugandan government. Help transform the educational atmosphere to something that feels inviting and exciting!

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You can adopt a project as your very own! We’ve found that raising funds is often as easy as posting a link to the project page on Facebook. Or you may want to share this need with family, friends or coworkers. It’s exciting to watch the progress bar tick up! If you are interested, please click “Contact Us” below!

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