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 40 Desks 

Funds Raised:
$915 / $915
Children often struggle to take notes when they do not have proper desks.

When Kisoro Kids started in 2011, students were sitting on logs or unstable benches, struggling to find a way to write in their notebooks. Through generous donations, Kisoro Kids has now provided over 420 desks for the five community schools.  But they need more!

This project provides 160 students a more comfortable place to sit, write, and store their supplies. The 40 desks will be made by local Ugandan carpenters, helping the local economy. A love of learning at an early age is important and we want to help the children in Kisoro get off to a great start!

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You can adopt a project as your very own! We’ve found that raising funds is often as easy as posting a link to the project page on Facebook. Or you may want to share this need with family, friends or coworkers. It’s exciting to watch the progress bar tick up! If you are interested, please click “Contact Us” below!

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