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 Meet Our Team 

Here are just some of our key team members.
Please contact us if you would like to join our team!
Chris Persons

Executive Director

Chris serves as the Executive Director of Kisoro Kids. Chris also works as an optical engineer and enjoys mountain biking, backpacking and spending time with his family. He has served as Director since Kisoro Kids began in 2011.

Kelly Persons

Associate Director

Kelly serves as the Associate Director of Kisoro Kids, focusing on U.S. accounting, fundraising and donor relations. Kelly joined Kisoro Kids in 2013.

Aggie Paech

Advisor to the Board of Directors

In 2007, Aggie had the initial vision of starting an education fund. As the wife of Simon, she is able to communicate Ugandan culture, history and context which we would not have otherwise. Aggie has a big heart for the poor and downtrodden. She periodically travels with Simon to Kisoro to help assess needs and resources to help guide our programs. Aggie enjoys traveling and sightseeing, composing music, and received her Diploma of Theology.

Simon Paech

Advisor to the Board of Directors

Simon lived and worked in Uganda with Aggie for 10 years. He has a good understanding and experience of African culture and how to bridge the gap with Western culture. He has a passion for both understanding and alleviating poverty. Along with advising the board, Simon travels to Kisoro to assess needs and resources to help guide our programs. Simon enjoys weather-watching, photography, fishing, and surfing.

George Mbonyebyombi

Education Minister and Pastor in Kisoro, Uganda

Pastor George has more than 30 years of experience in community development and mobilization. He assesses needs and resources and recommends areas where Kisoro Kids can assist. He also mobilizes the Kisoro community to remain actively engaged with the schools and with various improvement projects. Pastor George is the head pastor of the Kisoro Baptist Association (KBA), which includes fifteen churches in the Kisoro District. He also serves as the Education Minister of the KBA elementary schools. George recently earned his Masters Degree in Theology and teaches courses at the Uganda Baptist Seminary in Jinja.

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