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Plaster and Paint 1st Floor at Kisoro Hill

Funds Raised: $2,300/ $2,300
The Ugandan government has required that Kisoro Hill Elementary replace its wooden classrooms with safer brick buildings.  Two new brick and concrete buildings for 4th through 7th grade are now complete! Since their space is limited, the school now wishes to build a three-story building that will house preschool through 3rd grade, school offices and a library! 

Kisoro Kids has sent funds for the walls on the first two floors, the slab between the first and second floors, plaster for two classrooms on the first floor, and doors and windows for all three classrooms on the first floor. The community raised funds for the remainder.
They also donated much of the labor.

This project provides the materials needed to plaster the floors and walls of the third and final classroom on the first level of the building. It also funds painting the inside and outside of all three classrooms on the first floor. We are excited that we get to help this community provide a conducive learning environment for their children!

Ring Beam at Kisoro Hill

Pastor George standing on the second level of the planned three story building at Kisoro Hill.
Funds Raised: $0 / $4,060

With the second floor's walls nearing completion, the planned three story building at Kisoro Hill is ready for the ring beam to be placed between the second and third floors. Ring beams provide important structural reinforcement to the building along its sides, helping to distribute horizontal loads.


Once the ring beam is installed, construction of the third and final floor of the building can begin! 

Sealing Walls Between Classrooms

Funds Raised: $1,070 / $1,070
PHOTO-2022-10-13-10-33-22 (1)_edited.png
A classroom with a sealed gable, which greatly reduces sounds heard between classrooms.

While the constructed classrooms now have concrete floors and secure walls and roofs, many have open gables between the classrooms. This means that most sounds in one classroom are heard in the adjacent classroom. Students typically hear two teachers at once, requiring an unusual amount of concentration.


This project funds sealing up the gables between 11 pairs of classrooms at two schools: at Rutare Elementary and Nkurungiro Elementary.The project funds cement, bricks, sand and paint to fill in these gables. 

Painting Mucenta Hall

Funds Raised: $0 / $950

The community at Mucenta Elementary envisions having a multi-purpose building to hold school chapel every morning, and have study hall, debate lessons, and drama activities for students. The building, named Mucenta Hall, will also be used for parent seminars and for administering 7th grade final exams.
This project seeks to bless the community by painting the inside and outside of Mucenta Hall. The painting on the outside will include many intricate educational drawings which are now required by the Ugandan government. 


Mucenta Hall with Plaster on the Exterior Walls

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