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 Flooring at Nkurungiro 

Funds Raised:
Heading 6

This project will floor two new classrooms and a new

school office at Nkurungiro, preventing painful jiggers.

You helped us provide sanitary toilets for Nkurungiro Elementary to keep the government from shutting it down. And it worked!  However, every other school in the area was closed due to some form of noncompliance. Now, Nkurungiro is struggling to meet the new demand. The good news is that many of these new students (and their families) will learn about Christ and the gospel for the first time at Nkurungiro!
A new building is underway at Nkurungiro that includes two new classrooms and an expanded school office! This project provides the materials needed to concrete the floors of the new building. This is the best way to fight back jiggers, which are insects that burrow into the feet to lay their eggs, resulting in painful sores. We’re excited that we get to help this community provide a conducive learning environment for their children!

A temporary wall is set up to create two classrooms out of one at Nkurungiro Elementary.

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You can adopt this project as your very own! We’ve found that raising funds is often as easy as posting a link to the project page on Facebook. Or you may want to share this need with family, friends or coworkers. It’s exciting to watch the progress bar tick up! If you are interested, please click “Contact Us” below!

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