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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education
Imagine going to a school with dirt floors, a leaky roof, no desks and no books, with little hope to escape extreme poverty if you cannot pass 7th grade.
This is a reality for many Ugandans. We work to help these children.
YOU can help lift families out of poverty and provide an education children need.

Who do we support?

Who do we support?
  • 5 community schools in Kisoro, Uganda
  • Over 1,000 students and their families
  • Over 50 teachers and their families

Why these schools?

Why these schools?
  • The schools are accessible to the very poor.
  • Classroom sizes are conducive to learning.
  • The local community contributes sacrificially to the schools.
  • The schools reach the children and their families with the good news of Jesus Christ.

How are we unique?

How are we unique?
  • 100% of funds donated for projects are sent to Kisoro.
  • Projects are initiated and implemented by local leaders.
  • Projects support the local economy.
  • We avoid a system of dependency.

 Adopt a Project

Invite your family, coworkers, friends or community to adopt or donate to a project!  All of our projects seek to help lift students’ families out of poverty in a sustainable way, or to improve the quality of education at one of five elementary schools.   We can help you think creatively about fundraising and will keep your group informed on the results of your project!

 Give a Gift 

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