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Covid-19 & Teaching 7th Graders

Dear reader! Greetings to you in Jesus name. The lockdown is being lifted slowly and partially but schools (as a whole) are still closed. We had gone ahead to visit 7th Grade students (who are in their final ye

ar of elementary school so are the highest priority) to teach them in groups at their homes but finally, after all getting masks, we are going to handle them from school buildings as we follow SOP’s (Standard Orders of Procedure) and health guidelines, as you see in the photo. We have also talked to the Compassion International Development Centre to allow us use their TV for our children to come and attend classes broadcast nationally. I was recently invited to attend a district health training concerning Covid-19 effects and controls of which I have also shared with a few leaders to form a force that will fight the prevention in our communities. Blessings!


Program Coordinator of Kisoro Schools

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