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Animal Husbandry Testimony: Justus

Allow me to share how the Kisoro Kids ministry partnership is impacting on the Nkurungiro

community. This is indeed a story that demonstrates that fighting poverty requires a double

edged sword and Kisoro Kids is this "sword." As I write this, I feel inadequate to describe the

joy of Mucungizi Justus and his mother during my follow up visit to ascertain the progress of

the project. Justus received local sheep from Kisoro Kids. Later when the sheep grew he sold

it and bought a cross breed. This will solve problems ranging from getting manure from the

sheep for better crop yield to providing scholastic materials. The hope of continuing school

is guaranteed.

To God be the glory for all the donors, friends and administrators of Kisoro Kids. God bless,

from the Kisoro Baptist Association.

Story compiled by,

Mbonigaba Johnson

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