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New classrooms and school office at Rutare!

Dear brethren, Praise the Lord! We have continued to see God at work despite the lockdown. In the picture, at Rutare Elementary the classroom block together with the school office has been constructed during this lockdown. It is now at the stage of roofing. The Ministry of Education is encouraging schools to put up more classes for social distancing during the teaching and learning process hence this brings hope at Rutare for the future opening of schools given that enough classes have been put. Secondly the painting and drawings outside on walls promotes incidental learning for the kids who come to school at any time. Most of this has been a result of Kisoro Kids ministry support. We give God the Glory for Rutare. I am sure Nkurungiro has even finished roofing new classes and Pastor George has the details. Indeed the Lord will continue to provide. Thank you everyone involved in this ministry.



Program Coordinator of Kisoro Schools

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