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Thank You - Online Auction Fundraiser

September 19th to October 3rd we hosted our first online auction, and with your help, we were able to raise over $750! The money raised will go to our unrestricted funds that will help cover basic operating expenses. We are unique in that 100% of funds donated for specific projects are sent to Kisoro. This fundraiser was specifically to raise money for operating expenses.

We were able to collect 30 items donated by local businesses and partners. Thank you to all who donated items or made bids!


Amanda Owens Art

Amy Schnorrenberg Art

Candi Thigpen

Eagles Nest at High Falls

Goldenrod Paper Co.

Hair Addicts

Health Touch Theauraputic Message

I Am Clay

Noonday Collection

Rooster's Crow Coffee

Sherry Miller Pottery


Trinity's of Athens

Yogurt Mountain

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