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Construction in a Pandemic

Being a pandemic year, 2020 saw the classrooms in Kisoro mostly empty. Only the 7th graders were allowed to go to class and only at special times. In times like this, it would be easy to expect stagnation at best, and a sense that any gains at the schools in recent years may be lost. However, something important was going on. Something very visible to the community that gave hope of better things to come: construction!

Construction was and continues to be one of the activities the Ugandan government allowed during COVID lockdowns. So without missing a beat, Kisoro Kids pressed on, continuing its partnership with the community in building and improving classroom buildings.

3 Classrooms and a Library (!) being built at Rutare Elementary School

In 2020, Kisoro Kids donors sent funds to cement the floors of 6 classrooms, construct walls for 2 classrooms, plaster the walls of 6 classrooms, build roofs for 7 classrooms, and add doors and windows to 4 classrooms! Each of these classrooms will help meet government requirements for social distancing once schools re-open. Should those requirements relax, they'll also help the schools welcome more students that are being drawn by their improving reputation. All along the way, the students will learn about the saving grace of Jesus in their formative years.

3 Classrooms nearing completion at Nkurungiro Elementary School

Thank you so much for your partnership with Kisoro Kids and the communities of Kisoro Hill, Nkurungiro, Rutare, Mucenta, and Ntamutindi in the Kisoro district of Uganda. We are blessed to serve alongside you!

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