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Greatest Need: Concrete Slab at Kisoro Hill

Funds Raised: $0/ $6,600
The Ugandan government has required that Kisoro Hill Elementary replace its wooden classrooms with safer brick buildings.  Two new brick and concrete buildings for 4th through 7th grade are now complete! Since their space is limited, the school now wishes to build a three-story building that will house preschool through 3rd grade, school offices and a library! 

Kisoro Kids is partnerning with the Kisoro Hill community to build a three
story classroom building with nine rooms! This will help the school meet
local building requirements and better utilize their limited land.

This project provides the materials needed to build the concrete slab between the second and third floors. We are excited that we get to help this community provide a conducive learning environment for their children!

Roof Repair at Rutare & Nkurungiro

old roof rutare.PNG
Funds Raised: $0 / $2,550

A classroom building at Rutare Elementary and another at Nkurungiro Elementary have iron roofs that are leaking and in need of repair. The original roofs are approximately 19 years old. This project will renovate the roofs with new iron sheets. This will allow the children to learn in a dry environment.  

The roofs will be installed by local roofers. 

These old roofs are leaking
and are in need of repair

Repair Floors at Three Schools

Funds Raised: $0 / $625
Damaged floors 2023.PNG
The classrooms with the oldest concrete floors are in need of spot repairs

Kisoro Kids has a long history of providing concrete floors for classrooms to improve room cleanliness and reduce the occurrence of painful jiggers, which can burrow in children's feet. The classrooms with the oldest floors are now in need of spot repair to make the floors smooth again and to reduce collections of dust and dirt, where jiggers live.

This project funds spot repairs in floors at six classrooms over three schools.

Refresher Course for Teachers

Funds Raised: $0 / $160

All of the five schools supported by Kisoro Kids are community schools. These schools have very low fees compared to private schools, and very small class sizes compared to government schools. The student-teacher ratio at the five schools averages 22 students per teacher! 

This project funds an annual teacher refresher course to be give to all teachers at all five schools. The course includes instructions on new curriculum, guidance and counseling, and child protection.


Teachers at one of the five schools supported by Kisoro Kids.

Adopt A Project


You can adopt a project as your very own! We’ve found that raising funds is often as easy as posting a link to the project page on Facebook. Or you may want to share this need with family, friends or coworkers. It’s exciting to watch the progress bar tick up! If you are interested, please click “Contact Us” below!

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