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Doors & Windows, 1st Floor at Kisoro Hill

Funds Raised: $1,070/ $1,070
The Ugandan government has required that Kisoro Hill Elementary replace its wooden classrooms with safer brick buildings.  Two new brick and concrete buildings for 4th through 7th grade are now complete! Since their space is limited, the school now wishes to build a three-story building that will house preschool through 3rd grade, school offices and a library! 

Kisoro Kids has sent funds for over half the cost of the walls on the first two floors, the slab between the first and second floors, plaster for the inside of two classrooms on the first floor, and doors and windows for two classrooms on the first floor. The community raised funds for the remainder. They also donated much of the labor.

This project provides the materials needed to add doors and windows to the third and final classroom on the first level of the building. These additions add protection from the elements during bad weather while letting light in during class. We are excited that we get to help this community provide a conducive learning environment for their children!

Exterior Plaster, 1st Floor at Kisoro Hill

IMG_8999 (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Funds Raised: $935 / $935

The planned three-story building at Kisoro Hill is ready for plaster on the exterior walls for two of the three classrooms on the first floor. The plaster improves the longevity of the walls by protecting the brittle brick from the elements. It also provides a smooth surface for educational paintings which are now required by the Ugandan government on all school buildings. 

Outside plaster on another classroom building through assistance
from Kisoro Kids donors

Teacher Refresher Course

Funds Raised: $135 / $135
Teachers at Rutare Primary School, one of the five schools supported by Kisoro Kids

All of the five schools supported by Kisoro Kids are community schools. These schools have very low fees compared to private schools, and very small class sizes compared to government schools. In 2022, the student-teacher ratio at the five schools averages 22 students per teacher! 

This project funds an annual teacher refresher course to be give to all teachers at all five schools. The course includes instructions on new curriculum, guidance and counseling, and child protection.

Curriculum Books

Funds Raised: $670 / $670

Teachers at all five schools are in need of new curriculum books for their classes. This is especially true for the lower grades. 

This project provides approximately 85 curriculum books for teachers across the five schools. The books will be laminated to help preserve them.


Most teachers at these schools do not have access to teacher curriculum books at their schools. Instead, they must find books elsewhere and have them photocopied. Photocopying is expensive and leads to reduced teacher pay. These books will be kept secure in a cupboard at each school where teachers can directly access them and check them out to bring home.

Adopt A Project


You can adopt a project as your very own! We’ve found that raising funds is often as easy as posting a link to the project page on Facebook. Or you may want to share this need with family, friends or coworkers. It’s exciting to watch the progress bar tick up! If you are interested, please click “Contact Us” below!

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