Classroom Walls at Kisoro Hill 

Funds Raised:
$2,430 / $2,430

The Kisoro Hill community raised funds and donated labor for the foundation of the new three-story building!

The Ugandan government has required that Kisoro Hill Elementary replace its wooden classrooms with safer brick buildings.  Two new brick and concrete buildings for 4th through 7th grade are now complete! Since their space is limited, they now wish to build a three-story building that will house preschool through 3rd grade, school offices and a library! 

Having faith that God will provide for the rest of the building, the community has already come together to provide materials and labor for the foundation of the building. 

This project funds the walls for the first floor of the building. 

It's exciting to see this new vision for Kisoro Hill Elementary coming together!

Officials have said these lean-to buildings must be replaced

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